“So, how long did it take you?”

A few people have been asking how long it took to put this MOOC together, perhaps wondering whether it would be a good thing to offer future MOOCs of their own. So, for anyone out there with an eye to their workload, my estimate would be that it was between 30-40 days of academic staff time for development, spread between five of us. That doesn’t take into account the work of our colleagues in Information Services who were supporting the MOOCs, and it’s within the context of a relatively unusual xMOOC model: one where open access content was sourced and pieced together into a curriculum, rather than one in which ‘talking head’ videos were recorded and mounted. It also doesn’t take into account time spent monitoring and responding to the MOOC since launch: we’ll have to report back on that one but anecdotally all the Edinburgh MOOC teams seem to be spending quite a lot of time online at the moment…. Is this sustainable? We don’t know – but the excitement and invigoration we’re getting from doing this very new thing is currently keeping us hooked.

Sian Bayne


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